Baahubali Bhalladeva Figurine

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Baahubali Licensed - Bhallaladeva Figure - A brilliant tactician, an accomplished commander and a warrior of unmatched ferocity and strength! These redeeming qualities of Bhallaladeva were sold short by his dark, unforgiving, apathetic and cruel heart. This darkness was fed by his hateful and scheming father Bijjaladeva and by the enormous shadow cast by his much revered brother Amarendra Baahubali. He was more than a match for Amarendra on the battlefield especially when armed with his devastating war mace. However, Like a coiled viper, Bhallaladeva waited patiently for the right time to strike his brother down from grace and take the kingdom of Mahishmati for himself. And his patience did bear fruit, Bhallaladeva is now the undisputed, tyranical ruler of Mahishmati.
Officially licensed merchandise
Product Dimensions: 29.5 x 21 x 4.8 cm
Material: PVC
6 Inch height - High Detailed Figurine
Weapons: Gada with chain and handle
Aggressive posture, Licensed - Bhallaladeva Figure
Mahishmati Sigil inside, as a base stand
10-15 different color shades
Manufacturers Recommended Age: 5 Years and up
Content in Sales Package: 1 Figure



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