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We understand that every fan needs a ‘connection’ to the world they are most passionate about. Entertainment Store bridges this connection between the fans and their world, popularly known as a fan-kingdom or a fandom of film, television, comics and pop culture. We’ve created this fandom that further magnifies the passion of these fans to not just fantasize about this world but also create this world around them with our unique products. Our fandom is led by avid fan boys but successfully sustained by the passionate worldwide community of our fans. So here’s a salute to each and every fan visiting and buying from our online store!

Our product range includes everything from fan-favorite shows to movies to anime and all things pop culture. These products are quality-driven and original merchandises from highly recognized brands such as Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Manga, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Game of Thrones, etc. We wish to take the obsession of our fans to another level by offering them with mind-boggling products categories like apparels, figures, collectibles, home décor, accessories, stationery, gadgets, posters, wall art and comics. From all the geeky to freaky stuff, we’ve covered it all for our fans. Our fandom has a product for fulfilling every fantasy and necessity!

We’ve curated an exciting superhero store for all the superhero fanatics who are willing to either collect for themselves or gift superhero merchandises to their buddies. For all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S crazy fans, look out for the most hilarious quotes or memorable moments from the sitcom on the cushions, wall clocks, coffee mugs and all the things you’ve ever wanted to reminiscence the TV show and its characters. We’ve also created a wizard world for all the Harry Potter fans where everything from books to wands to potions to all things magical is available. We’re not done yet… There’s a lot more in the store for fulfilling fantasies of another world!

For all our lil kiddys… there is a special section that raises the enthusiasm level to a notch higher with kids t-shirts, board games, action figures, toys and their fav cartoon printed school essentials. So should we just say… shop till you drop?!

More so, here’s your one-in-a-million opportunity to find the coolest of stuff that your tribe most relates to in another section named ‘One tribe workshop’. Find your tribe’s obsession here with apparels, cushions, mugs, magnets and much more.

It’s a store for entertaining every mind in every way possible!


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