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5 exciting birthday gifts for a superhero fan

5 exciting birthday gifts for a superhero fan

Exciting Birthday Gifts for a Superhero Fan

Decades after decades, superheroes have evolved and their craze among the fans has only multiplied to ten folds. From the first superhero named ‘Phantom’ in 1936 till today’s Marvel superheroes, every fan is swooning over exciting superhero merchandise been offered by the stores. Technically everybody loves superheroes and giving them a gift of superhero collectibles or clothes on their birthday just adds another level of excitement to their special day. A ton of adventures of these mightiest of superheroes have been captured on a lot of cool stuff like clothes, mugs, keychains, headphones, etc. Here are some of the best superhero birthday presents you can gift a fan:


When a person thinks and dreams of superheroes, it’s best to give a gift that has at least one superhero logo on it. Let the birthday boy/girl look like one of the Avengers by sporting a super cool sweatshirt from Entertainment Store. Red is the popular brand colour of Avengers and is also trending in the fashion industry as the colour of the youth. So let the Avenger’s fan feel proud about wearing clothes of this colour with Superhero designs on them. How cool does one look when Iron Man is actually aiming someone from your chest! Flaunting t-shirts with action moves of superheroes is an exciting feeling all in all for a fan!  

Action Figures

How cool it is to create your own army of superheroes that can be played with or can be kept as a souvenir in the showcase. Gift a superhero fan an army of superheroes of 6-inch long Action figures that are reasonably priced and come with accessories that a superhero truly uses in the movie. Let them celebrate the saga of Star Wars on their birthday by offering them action figures like Rathtar and Bala, General Hux, Darth Vander, Rey, Finn and many more in their latest action version. Be it Marvel Superheroes or star wars, having an army of superheroes action figures is the best collectible a fan can get.

Techie Usables

For a techie fan, you can gift Iron Man’s power bank or Captain America headphones. Headphones are like a must-have accessory for any boy or a girl now. Its usability by the millennial generation is maximum and it’s even the best if you get it with a superhero design on it. One of the interesting and exciting things that you can gift an 18-year old Avenger fan is Thanos’s most popular electronic fist where 6 infinity stones pulsate with glowing light. It’s the best feeling to wear and one of the best gifts you can offer.


Superhero backpacks are trending like no other accessories now. They come in cool colours and designs. A starry wonder woman backpack or batman logo black coloured backpack can easily grab eyeballs. These backpacks are lightweight, washable, have adjustable shoulder straps and compartments. A backpack is the most useful gift you can gift to anybody.     

Board Game

Does it sound fun to have your favourite superhero on your monopoly board game? The rules of the game remain the same but the essence changes. In a themed board game, things change - cities changes to stations, hotel changes to headquarters, house changes to mansions. Isn’t it exciting to have your favourite superhero pictures at every corner of the game and use their tricks to win the game?!  

Superheroes can be everywhere and on any kind of accessory, clothing, gadgets, etc. Gift choices are many; all you need to know is a fan’s most favoured superhero.

Check out the amazing gift choices at the entertainment store in the link below:

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